Women's 1s Smash BUCS!

On the 11th and 12th of November, our Women's 1s competed in the first round of their Premiership BUCS league!

It was a tough start against UWE on Saturday, who put out their strongest team yet and went on to win the weekend. Our newest recruit and first year, Esme Hedley proved her strength by smashing her first ever BUCS match 3/0. The rest of the team had extremely tough battles, with games reaching nail biting tension, with our number 3, Olivia Huxtable, losing 3/1.

In their second match of the weekend, the Bristol girls stormed to success early Sunday morning, beating Exeter 5/0 with every player defeating their opponents! This spurred the girls on and put the team in high spirits as they rested before their big match in the afternoon.

After an exhausting 2 rounds, the girls came up against Birmingham, the reigning Premiership champions and their long-lasting rivals. Each player battled it out in what their coach Rose Bamber called their best performances yet. Up against some of the best players in the country and with the expectation to be defeated strongly, the team demonstrated that all their hard training in the last year has paid off, with most games reaching an 8-8 point. Our second string and Women's Vice President, Alisha Bhanot and third string, Olivia Huxtable, both managed to steal a game off their players! Sadly it wasn't enough to defeat the champions, but their performances proved their capabilities and the advantages of their current training programme.

It was a solid start to the BUCS season with heaps of positives and lots to work on as the team get prepared for the next stage! A special thanks to coach Rose Bamber and everyone who came to support the girls!

*The girls travel to Edinburgh on the 29th November to compete in round 2 of the prem! Good luck to the team #WeAreBristol*